9-Step Checklist for a Professionally-Written Online Business Plan

You have a great idea for a business? Before you launch your idea you should create an online business plan. Here is a 9-step checklist for a professionally-written online business plan!

If you have a great idea for an online business it means that you are ready to dive into the entrepreneurial world and start sharing your product with the rest of us. While it may seem that you must focus your attention on launching your new business and presenting your products, the first order of business is creating the business plan itself.

If you want to run a successful and prosperous online business, a business plan is absolutely necessary. As you would not take a road trip without a GPS or a map, you shouldn’t start a business without a proper guide for what you want that business to become and where you want it to go in the future.

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You need to remember something – your business plan is your roadmap. It will help you project 3-5 years ahead of where your online business will go and what kind of revenue and resource it is going to take to accomplish your goals and get you to the final point.

What is the point of writing a business plan?

A business plan is not just a roadmap, but it can make designing the framework for your business model simpler. It can also help you set your objectives and goals, understand and identify your target audience and your specific niche within that market, how you will attract and keep the customers, clarify what your business has to offer compared to your competition, and much more.

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In other words, a professionally-written online business plan helps you include all important aspects of running a business within a specific and structured framework. Also, it can help make sure that you are adjusting your product to your customers’ needs.

As your business changes, develops and grows, your online business plan can also serve as a system for tracking your development against basic projection. Will you need a credit card to keep your financial management stable? Is your credit balance good enough right now to get that credit card?

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  • Market Analysis – In this section, you need to include your market research and prove the potential investors that you have a full understanding of the marketplace.
  • Management and Organization – This section allows you detail your organizational and ownership structure. If you will be outsourcing anything of your business to help you run the company, you should include that information here so there is a proper understanding of how your business operations fit all together.
  • Product or Service Line – In this part, you need to share your story of what your business company does and who is actually served by your offerings.
  • Marketing and Sales – In this part, you can share the details of your marketing and sales strategies and techniques. What will your sales channels be? How will you penetrate the market? How will you communicate with customers?
  • Funding – If you are planning to seek investors – here is the part where they need to see details of what you are planning to do with their money.
  • Financial Projections – This part is especially important as it will show potential lenders or investors that you have a specific plan to earn enough to cover the financial projects.
  • Appendix – This is the part where you can include your resume, business permit, and other documents.

Armed with helpful information, you will have the confidence you need to write the business plan and meet your future goals.


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