Marketing for Small Businesses

Building a business requires a great foundation. Many entrepreneurs make several mistakes in their businesses. Some try to compete on price instead of focusing a niche they own and some find a terrible business model while setting up their business. When you start a small business, you see lots of up’s and downs to it. And, yes it is a fact that 8 out of 10 small businesses fail every year. In this online world, we think that our businesses are going to be viral because of Facebook and Twitter and, it seems easy and cheap to get lured into them. But, the truth is, it’s very hard to make money from those things.

Small business owners are short of time, resources and most important, considerable funds. We, therefore, suggest some marketing strategies or channels that could help entry-level entrepreneurs to flourish in this venture. One of the tactics among all is -Email Marketing- but what makes it important for small businesses? Because it’s easy to set up, inexpensive and shows possibility to become almost fully programmed. Besides these obvious benefits, it allows your business to take off from $1 spent to $44 in return, being the highest ROI of any marketing channel. A noticeable increase in email marketing software is seen because of its customizable templates, sophistication and audience segmentation. These features facilitate marketers to shape campaigns to specific groups of customers based on their demographic details, interests, behavior, and position in sales funnel.

Another option to prevent failure of your business and establish as a strong one is to carry out Content Marketing – which includes stuff like blog posts, videos and info graphics. It gears your business towards success by promoting your brand, and thus putting your brand name out in the market.  Through content marketing, people can discuss about your brand, which in further generates their interest and influence brand awareness. Its execution seems tough but as a business owner, you get to see long-term benefits with high-quality content.

SEO stands for search engine optimization, is a process of optimizing your website to rank highly on search engines and the organic listings. Why SEO is important for small businesses? Similar to aforementioned strategies, it is long-term strategy. But, it requires much less effort than many small businesses assume. Entrepreneurs can increase their visibility significantly if they follow few best practices.